domingo, septiembre 25, 2005

la wikipedia es infernal

unos noruegos o australianos me afanaron mi idea del NACAR y ya pusieron el artículo. copio un poco con orgullo y un poco con indignación:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A country grouping reportedly proposed by Australian and Norwegian economists, consisting of Norway, Australia, Canada and Argentina. NACAR countries are characterized by middle to high income per capita, a low population density and a concentration of exports in natural resources (though this is not as clear in the case of Canada). The set was christened in 2005 in opposition to BRIC[1]. The inclusion of Argentina in this group has been put into question for its relative poverty as compared to the other three -- while Norway stands #1, Australia #2 and Canada #3 in the U.N. Development Index[2], for example, Argentina ranks only #34.

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