viernes, marzo 10, 2006

dejame kirchnerizar el post anterior

Demanda china + reformas del gobierno anterior + sensatez macro = Crecimiento + 10 años en el poder.

Kirchner? No, su primo lejano.

Y dejame copiar, retocado, el párrafo del Economist, de paso se entera el que no tiene clave (que puede conseguir gratuitamente enviando un mail a lacienciamaldita, a cambio de un compromiso verbal de hacer un poco de publicidad de esta página). Con ustedes, la Argentina de 2011:

Mr Kirchner proceeded to win four elections in a row. Luck played a big part, in the form of an economy that was starting to grow as the result of earlier reforms and the astute crisis management of his predecessor, and has never stopped growing since. But Mr Kirchner's singular achievement has been to manage that growth carefully, in a way that has delivered Argentina its longest period of prosperity since the 1960s. The government's coffers are bulging with company tax revenues, on profits earned largely from China's demand for Argentina's commodities. A succession of budget surpluses has enabled Mr Kirchner to shower money on voters at election times.

An opinion poll coinciding with his eighth anniversary in power suggests that Mr Kirchner's political strength derives overwhelmingly from his economic management. Of people who identified the economy as Argentina's most important issue, 83% approved Mr Kirchner's handling of it.

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