jueves, septiembre 18, 2008

los inverosímiles salvadores del capitalismo

Tomado del blog del Economist:

Reuters is reporting that Morgan Stanley has approached the China Investment Corporation (CIC) for additional capital; it isn’t just talking to Wachovia.

It order to get the equity it needs, the CIC’s stake would need to be quite large. It is also the kind of thing that would have to be approved by China’s State Council. And I would have to say that the CIC has yet to demonstrate a track record of apolitical, transparent management of its external assets — in part because it hasn’t been around for very long and in part because it hasn’t been very transparent.

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Anónimo dijo...

y, si alguna vez alguien se pregunto que iban a hacer con los papelitos de colores que tenian de reservas los chinos, alla van