lunes, febrero 11, 2008

la traición de william

La mejor columna sobre los posibles finales de la excitante campaña demócrata -- con el jaque mate más lindo de la historia (después del que dio Bobby Fisher a los 13 años en la partida del siglo):
It is easy to concoct other more fanciful scenarios, like Al Gore on the third ballot in Denver. My personal favorite (outlandish though it may be) is that the entire race could come down to the decision of one super delegate, pledged to Clinton but wavering. "I promised Hillary, I certainly owe her and she would be a great president," the super-dooper delegate would say in an intense argument with himself. "But that Obama is a comer. I've got to think about my own future, my own political reputation."

And with that, superdelegate Bill Clinton chose the 2008 nominee.

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